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The Company

  The Company   Lae S.r.l. was started-up in 1973 under the form of a sole trader by its current Executive Director, as a producer of wire accessories for household appliances.
At the end of the ‘70s the company started producing fan grills, initially only small dimension ones and later also bigger ones. The machines needed for the manufacturing were entirely engineered and manufactured by the company itself.
Between 1980 and 1989 Lae grew in such an important manner that it became a player at European level.
In 1989 the sole trader was transformed into a limited liability company.

Currently the company comprehends four manufacturing units covering an area of over 7.000 square metres wherein over 70 persons are employed so as to satisfy the customers’ needs and expectations on a daily basis.


  The Company   The Company   The Company  


Quality Certifications

Quality Certifications To achieve a business success the quality of the products is essential. Quality has to be constant and thus become an indicator of excellence. Total Quality is one of the Lae guidelines. In 2004 Lae was granted the extremely important UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 Certification.

See the Certification in PDF format


Environmentally Friendly

  The company is environmentally friendly and is very observant of environmental issues. Thus Lae invested in an important photovoltaic power station which produces part of the energy it uses.   Environmentally Friendly   Environmentally Friendly  

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