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The products

The grills are manufactured according to the drawings of the customers or, in compliance with their needs, are entirely engineered with sophisticated engineering and testing systems.

The grills differ in dimension, materials used (round or flat iron, stainless steel) and coatings.
They have a diameter between 75 mm and 1600 mm and are subdivided into three main groups.

In order to ensure a constant quality in all deliveries, the manufacturing of the grills is almost entirely carried out in-company, staring from the preparation of the components, the assembly, until the coatings.
Also the machines and the tools needed for the manufacturing of the grills have been engineered, developed and built in-company.


LAE griglie



Compact: small dimension grills for electronic applications and uses



Protection grills: flat or crate rounded, for safe working practices

  Protection girds   Protection girds   Protection girds  


Fan support grills: apart from being used for safe working practices they also supports the fan

  Fan support grills   Fan support grills   Fan support grills  

  Fan support grills   Fan support grills   Fan support grills  

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